Steph and Dave: Couples Photography


I’ve been on a family photography kick lately and wanted to venture out and do something different. So over Christmas I coerced friends Steph and Dave to let me take some couples/pseudo engagement photos of them. Luckily, they agreed. We met up on the beach just before sunset and caught the most amazing sunset I’ve seen in months! Sunsets in California this time of year can’t be missed. Allow me to introduce the lovebirds below. Enjoy!

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Mimi on the Move: Family Photography

The Little Bits Blog - Family Photography

Following up to yesterday’s post these photos are of Margot’s big sis Mimi. Mimi is quite the bundle of joy herself. At just 1.5 years old this girl has got some major personality! But I mean that in the best way, she is so sweet and funny. Mimi won’t sit still for long, so that leaves me with split seconds to snap her photo before she’s moved on to the next thing. I loved watching her explore and play. From dumping sand all over herself in the sandbox, to squealing and flailing her arms in the arms in the air as Daddy chased her, to deciding she wanted to play photographer and make the camera go “click”: It’s never a dull moment when Mimi is on the move. My goal was to capture her personality and character through these photos. And friends, I think I have succeeded.

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A Little Something Different: Family Photography

The Little Bits Blog - Family and Newborn Photography

You know when one thing leads to another and suddenly you’ve landed yourself in a happy accident? This is exactly what happened to me a few weeks ago. I can’t quite recall who or how it was brought up but we were spending some time with our friends Molly and Nathan, anticipating the arrival of their second daughter. I threw out the idea of taking some newborn photos to the then 9 month pregnant Molly and she luckily agreed.

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