Changing the Living Room Floor Plan (and updates!)

Remember back a while when I posted here about all the floor plans I was considering for the living room? We’ve decided on…… drumroll please…… NONE OF THEM. See, its true what they say. You never really know until you see it in person. On paper, sure the plans looked great, had flow, and created zones but it just wasn’t jiving in the actual room. It wasn’t until we spent a handful of weekends moving and shifting every piece of furniture to create the perfect layout. I’m including the final layout below because it just looks too awkward on paper! BUT, in real life, it works.


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Choosing a Navy Couch


Besides the bed, I believe the couch is the most important piece of furniture you will ever buy for your home. We spend a good majority of our waking hours there. Think about it: when you’re not sleeping or up and about the house doing things, where are you? Chances are, you’re on the couch. For us, it is where we relax, sometimes eat dinner, watch movies, hang out with friends, the list goes on. So for me, the couch purchase was a big one. It had to be the right one. It needed to be comfortable, attractive, the right size and the right color. Oddly enough, the first thing we decided on was color. Navy is the one color we always gravitate towards, the one we can both agree on, so it just made sense. I love the versatility of a neutral sofa (like the gray of our current Ikea couch) but I know we’ll be much happier with something in our favorite color. The current Ikea couch is comfortable and has served us well, but since we’re dealing with a limited living space we need something that is going to maximize seating and fit the scale of the room.

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3 Simple Steps to Update a Room under $100 (and our Guest Room Plans)

I like to think that I have an eye for seeing the potential in a space and the ability to look past an unattractive current state. The idea of buying a fixer upper has always appealed to me because I like to put in the blood, sweat, and tears into making a space my own. However, the ideas in my head and the money in our bank account don’t always match up. In fact, they rarely do. Haha. I have had grand ideas of what I could make of our house if the sky were the limit. But in reality, we don’t have $50-$100k to build an addition above the garage, gut the house, add windows, etc, and I know most people don’t either. That’s why I look for clever ways to update or upgrade without blowing the budget.

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Living Room Floor Plans

The Living Room is one of the most important rooms in our house so we really wanted to get started on it as soon as possible after moving in. This is the room where everyone hangs out when they come over, where we spend most of our evenings, or any time at home that we’re not sleeping, really! I love that the room has a wood burning fireplace, lots of windows and gets tons of light all throughout the day. Unfortunately, the room is also kind of small. It’s shared with the dining room so we have to squeeze two areas out of the space. My struggle has been trying to find the right pieces to fit the space. Our old couch fits, but isn’t the best use of space. Our old entry table houses the cable box, Xbox, and more cords than I can fathom. It works, but we could have much better storage with a different piece. We’re working on getting the right furniture but I want to make sure we have the right plan in mind before buying these pieces.

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House Tour Photos

The long awaited photos are here! Woo hoo!

I’ll try to explain the floorpan as best I can, in the most logical order. Most of the photos are from our home inspection or from when we first moved in. Without further ado, step on in!

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