Hello and Welcome!

Name’s Viktoria. With a “k”.

The Little Bits blog is my creative outlet where I post about the various projects I’m currently working on. You can generally find me in the home decor aisle at Target, scouring the clearance racks at Nordstrom Rack, or looking at cat videos on Instagram. (seriously though, go follow @love2foster . I die.)

I’m constantly trying to convince my husband that yes, we do need another throw pillow, lamp, brass object, vintage furniture piece… Luckily, he’s a good sport about it. We currently live in San Diego, California but know that home is wherever the Marine Corps sends you!

Why The Little Bits? Well, because I find myself doing and dreaming of a little bit of everything. (not because I’m short! 🙂 ) I photograph, I shop, I decorate, I sew, I build, I cook, I budget, I splurge, I DIY.

This is my visual thought catalog.