Wrapping up Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016-0143

Yes, I realize its late January already and Christmas has long gone. This year is probably the latest we’ve let Christmas go, usually by the first or second week of January we’ve wrapped things up. I managed to get sick about 2 weeks ago so while our initial plan was to take down Christmas the first week of January but it didn’t quite happen. I’m back to normal health now and just getting through our Christmas photos. Its been a season for the books!

And what a busy holiday season it has been! We managed to throw 2 housewarming/holiday parties, host a girls’ Christmas PJ brunch, and have Ben’s parents come to visit us for the holiday itself. We had a wonderful time and have kept telling each other it was the best Christmas we can remember in a long time. I think part of us was excited about having our first Christmas in the house and the other part of us really wanted to relish the time that we have. Ben is scheduled to deploy in July and will be missing next Christmas so we wanted to make the most of this year.

Our holiday PJ brunch was such a hit that my friends and I all agreed it needs to become an annual tradition. We had the girls over and lounged in PJ’s, drank hot chocolate, and ate waffles galore. Christmas Eve we spent at my parent’s house and Christmas Day we spent at home with Ben’s parents. I made these pumpkin cinnamon rolls (which were to die for!) as we leisurely opened gifts. That afternoon we jumped in the car and drove down to the beach to catch the sunset and snap a few photos before heading home to make a delicious roast.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having the whole house to decorate for the holidays. The minute we first toured this house my mind instantly went to decorating for Christmas so you can only imagine how excited I was when the time finally came. There were little details sprinkled throughout and styling the fireplace mantle was the absolute cherry on top!

Merry (very) belated Christmas and Happy New Year!

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