Changing the Living Room Floor Plan (and updates!)

Remember back a while when I posted here about all the floor plans I was considering for the living room? We’ve decided on…… drumroll please…… NONE OF THEM. See, its true what they say. You never really know until you see it in person. On paper, sure the plans looked great, had flow, and created zones but it just wasn’t jiving in the actual room. It wasn’t until we spent a handful of weekends moving and shifting every piece of furniture to create the perfect layout. I’m including the final layout below because it just looks too awkward on paper! BUT, in real life, it works.


With the couch against the wall (which goes against everything I would normally do) it actually opens up the room making it feel more airy and spacious. We needed a good place to hang the tv and above the fireplace just wasn’t ideal. The only other spot to place it is on the sliver of wall between the two picture windows (not shown in the floor plan, but below).


Not ideal, but the best solution for the space. The TV mount should arrive today and I’m hoping we can get it hung this weekend. I plan on doing another gallery wall around the tv, much like the early days in our old apartment (below).


The work in progress:


Other small changes include moving the sideboard next to the fireplace and removing the rug under the dining table. It felt too tight in the room with 2 rugs right next to each other. And after staring at this for nearly 6 months:


…we repainted! There are actually 4 swatches above and while I hunted for a light gray most ended up too light. So in the end I chose Sherwin Williams Repose Gray and I loooooove it! It’s the perfect shade of gray thats just dark enough to provide contrast against the white trim  while not darkening the room. I highly recommend it, as does probably over half the blogging world, haha. Its a popular color!

We’ve also added a coffee table, bookshelves, couch, rug, leather chair, and accessories.

A full reveal is in the works but we’ve got a few more projects to work on.

Living Room/Dining Room Checklist:

Paint walls

Pick a floor plan

Repaint walls because the first color didn’t work (oops)

Get a new couch

Pick and order a rug

Find a leather chair

Get a coffee table

Wall mount the TV

Buy a console table (next to the fireplace)

Decorate the mantle

Add curtains to front window

Add curtains to the exterior French doors

Hang gallery wall

Maybe add bookshelves?

Paint the fireplace

Refinish our existing dining table

Chair covers for existing dining chairs

Install chandelier above dining table

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