Choosing a Navy Couch


Besides the bed, I believe the couch is the most important piece of furniture you will ever buy for your home. We spend a good majority of our waking hours there. Think about it: when you’re not sleeping or up and about the house doing things, where are you? Chances are, you’re on the couch. For us, it is where we relax, sometimes eat dinner, watch movies, hang out with friends, the list goes on. So for me, the couch purchase was a big one. It had to be the right one. It needed to be comfortable, attractive, the right size and the right color. Oddly enough, the first thing we decided on was color. Navy is the one color we always gravitate towards, the one we can both agree on, so it just made sense. I love the versatility of a neutral sofa (like the gray of our current Ikea couch) but I know we’ll be much happier with something in our favorite color. The current Ikea couch is comfortable and has served us well, but since we’re dealing with a limited living space we need something that is going to maximize seating and fit the scale of the room.


Our criteria:

  • preferably 3 seats (not a love seat)
  • upholstered (not slipcovered)
  • not as chunky and low as our current sofa
  • navy blue or dark shade of blue
  • have feet and/or be high enough off the ground that I can vacuum under the couch (my pet peeve!)
  • no more than $2k but ideally below $1,500

In a dream world, this would be the one:


Unfortunately, this beauty from Restoration Hardware would set us back $3,395 (plus taxes and delivery) so that quickly flew out the window. But isn’t she dreeeeeeamy?!

So back to the drawing board. I started researching and requesting swatches to see what could work for us. Here’s what we came up with.

  • Wayfair Vivian Sofa


First up: Wayfair’s Vivian Sofa. At $799 with some pretty stellar reviews I thought this would be a top contender. The price certainly can’t be beat! The style of the couch reminded me very much of the Restoration Hardware dream sofa and I really liked the glam touch of the brass nailhead trim. But, after receiving the swatches the “navy” blue was nowhere close to the inky color shown above. In fact, I thought they had forgotten to send me the right swatch. See for yourself below (L-R: Curious Eclipse, Basketweave Indigo)

Wayfair Swatches

  • Interior Define Lucy


I stumbled upon Interior Define by sheer accident but I’m glad I did. They’ve got great reviews and a generous return policy. It’s hard not to be slightly terrified of spending this much money on something you can’t return if you don’t love it. Interior Define scored major points in my book for the 365 day return policy and free delivery. You can customize the sofa to your liking but not many of the styles suited the look I was going for. If mid century modern was more my thing, this is definitely the place I’d go! I decided on the Interior Define Lucy based on the clean lines and classic style. At $1,400 the price was good and very reasonable within budget. I chose three swatches in navy to try.  I can’t even tell you how much my heart skipped a beat when I got the Oxford Blue velvet in my hands. It is so sumptuous. I would have ordered it in a heartbeat but had to remind myself that, as beautiful as it is, a velvet sofa is not what we need right now. The other two swatches weren’t quite blue enough, a little heavy on the gray undertones. (L-R: Harbor Blue, Midnight Blue, Oxford Blue)

Interior Define

  • Crate & Barrel Montclair


The Crate & Barrel Montclair has been on my wish list for over a year. I adore this sofa. I sit in it every single time we go to the store and whisper sweet nothings to it. Just kidding, kind of. This one gets an A+ in my book for comfort and style. The perfectly plush cushions, clean lines, and slight roll arms get three thumbs up from me. It is a sturdy, well-built sofa (Made in USA!) with comfortable cushions you could just sink into the rest of the afternoon, in a good way. It isn’t one of those sofas thats going to lose its shape. This was the #1 pick for me except for one major detail: the color. Womp womp. The only shade of blue (Nautical, below) is beautiful but not quite the navy I was looking for. However, I may still consider this sofa in the future if/when we need another sofa or an upgrade. At $1,799 this one pushes the budget when factoring in a couple hundred dollars more for taxes and shipping.


  • West Elm Henry


The West Elm Henry is a popular sofa, and for good reason, it’s cute! Great for smaller homes or apartments and it comes in a multitude of colors (and even some patterns!) The blue one above goes for $1,299 so the price would be right in budget. I liked being able to go to the store and give it a test drive but was disappointed when I learned that the only navy blue option is in velvet. Unfortunately, there will be no Henry in our future.

  • Pottery Barn Cameron


The Pottery Barn Cameron originally came on my radar when I thought that we’d be getting a sectional for our living room. It comes in all sorts of configurations that you can find the one that fits your needs. Once I nixed the sectional plan, the sofa still stayed on my mind. I ordered the swatches that seemed to be best color options and hoped for the best. The left swatch fit the bill. I prefer a textured weave over a flat twill, like the middle one, because its better at hiding imperfections. It’s all a personal preference but I also think it looks more expensive. (L-R: Linen Blend Peacoat Navy, Twill Cadet Navy, Performance Tweed Navy)


It was love at first sight! The colors were perfect, the style was spot on, and the price couldn’t be beat. We ended up choosing the Pottery Barn Cameron! Originally priced at $1,229 we snatched it up while on sale and added a new mover coupon, saving us another 15%, bringing the price down to $815! Talk about a deal! In total, with taxes and shipping we ended up at $1,067 which I am so happy about. We had to wait about 8 weeks for the sofa to be made and delivered and she arrived this past weekend. The long wait was worth every penny. Excuse the iPhone picture, we’re still working on the rest of the room, but here she is!


Lessons learned: ALWAYS order swatches, be patient, and shop around for the best deal.

Living Room/Dining Room Checklist

Paint walls

Pick a floor plan

Repaint walls because the first color didn’t work (oops)

Get a new couch

Pick and order a rug

Find a leather chair

Get a coffee table

Wall mount the TV

Buy a console table (next to the fireplace)

Decorate the mantle

Add curtains to front window

Add curtains to the exterior French doors

Hang gallery wall

Maybe add bookshelves?

Build side tables for the couch?

Refinish our existing dining table

Make chair covers for existing dining chairs

Install chandelier above dining table

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