Choosing a Navy Couch


Besides the bed, I believe the couch is the most important piece of furniture you will ever buy for your home. We spend a good majority of our waking hours there. Think about it: when you’re not sleeping or up and about the house doing things, where are you? Chances are, you’re on the couch. For us, it is where we relax, sometimes eat dinner, watch movies, hang out with friends, the list goes on. So for me, the couch purchase was a big one. It had to be the right one. It needed to be comfortable, attractive, the right size and the right color. Oddly enough, the first thing we decided on was color. Navy is the one color we always gravitate towards, the one we can both agree on, so it just made sense. I love the versatility of a neutral sofa (like the gray of our current Ikea couch) but I know we’ll be much happier with something in our favorite color. The current Ikea couch is comfortable and has served us well, but since we’re dealing with a limited living space we need something that is going to maximize seating and fit the scale of the room.

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