Living Room Floor Plans

The Living Room is one of the most important rooms in our house so we really wanted to get started on it as soon as possible after moving in. This is the room where everyone hangs out when they come over, where we spend most of our evenings, or any time at home that we’re not sleeping, really! I love that the room has a wood burning fireplace, lots of windows and gets tons of light all throughout the day. Unfortunately, the room is also kind of small. It’s shared with the dining room so we have to squeeze two areas out of the space. My struggle has been trying to find the right pieces to fit the space. Our old couch fits, but isn’t the best use of space. Our old entry table houses the cable box, Xbox, and more cords than I can fathom. It works, but we could have much better storage with a different piece. We’re working on getting the right furniture but I want to make sure we have the right plan in mind before buying these pieces.

So, I’ve been dreaming up different plans for the space. The dining area is pretty much set in stone but the living area is where I’m not sure which route to take. Here are some of the options I’ve explored:

Option 1:


We like it but there are two windows across the long back wall that don’t allow for a good spot to put the TV. So this plan was quickly ruled out. The TV pretty much has to go above the fireplace.

Option 2:


Better. I like the layout of the couch and chair in terms of conversation. However, with the TV above the fireplace we need somewhere to put all the electronics like cable box, Xbox, etc. This option doesn’t really allow for that because the chair is in the way.

Option 3:


This allows us to have a console table next to the fireplace to house the electronics and provide storage. We’d like a leather chair but it has proved to be quite difficult to find one that isn’t too large. The deeper the chair is, the further it extends back into the room and may potentially block the walkway from the french door behind it. This does allow for some bookcases along the wall between the french doors (not shown), or a gallery wall like we had in our apartment. I still love this option so this is a yes in my book.

Option 4:


This plan makes the living area seem bigger and much more open but I worry about the chair just floating off on its own. Still a contender though!

Option 5:


Lastly, I tried the same layout as before with a bigger rug. I’m not sure on this one. They say a bigger rug is always better (and I whole heartedly agree!) but I wonder if this is almost just TOO big? The walkway around the chair would get quite a bit of foot traffic too and I worry about that dirtying up the rug.

What are your thoughts? Should we stick to the smaller rug? Which layout do you think seems the most inviting and comfortable?

Living Room/Dining Room Checklist

Paint walls

Pick a floor plan

Repaint walls because the first color didn’t work (oops)

Get a new couch

Pick and order a rug

Find a leather chair

Get a coffee table

Wall mount the TV

Buy a console table (next to the fireplace)

Decorate the mantle

Add curtains to front window

Add curtains to the exterior French doors

Hang gallery wall

Maybe add bookshelves?

Build side tables for the couch?

Refinish our existing dining table

Make chair covers for existing dining chairs

Install chandelier above dining table

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