Our House: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Here’s what we love about our house:

  • The 3 windows and french doors that bring constant sunlight to the living/dining room
  • The built in desk in the kitchen (such a cool feature!)
  • The pantry! SO MUCH STORAGE! and thoughtfully laid out shelves!

IMG_0916 2

  • The gorgeous white window trim upstairs (and of course, more built ins!)


  • The sunlight our bedroom gets, the beadboard, and the plantation shutters
  • The back porch which is going to be great for summer nights
  • The fact that we have a big backyard, even if it needs a ton of work
  • All of the beautiful trim and woodwork, even if I am sort of dying to paint it white
  • The kitchen drawers! We actually only have 2 tiny lower cabinets, and 1 large one. Every other lower cabinet is actually a drawer


  • And of course, the location! We’re just under 1.25 miles to the beach!

Now, on to the bad, the ugly (and the what-were-they-thinking?)

  • The peachy beige wall color that is in the kitchen, entry, and hallways. Barf.


  • As you can see through the window above, the other window. You know, the one that is in the middle of our garage door?
  • Which brings me to my next points, the garage door that doesn’t open because its been sealed shut to make a den. Bleh. We’ll save those photos for another post.
  • The outdoor fencing which makes the laundry “room” inside our garage. Yes, you read that correctly. Outdoor fencing inside. Please also note the light fixture and wall colors (with painted doors to match!)


  • The wall colors in general. We have plans to paint 95% of the house.
  • The outlets. Let me count the ways. Never in my life have I wanted plain, cheap white outlets so bad. Cream colored, map themed, painted covers and outlets, and even one with a cut out!


  • The downstairs bathroom (again with the paint) But at least the shower is newer in this one


  • The upstairs shower with rusted handle bars (It also has the same vanity, paint colors, etc as the downstairs bathroom). But, this one has a heating lamp. Yes, heating lamp.


  • The futuristic fan in our bedroom. Really fits in with the vintage style of the house.


  • Guest Room light fixture (the dark paint is actually blue, and not the pretty navy kind), wallpaper trim and window treatments:


  • The hallway light fixture (Bonus, it buzzes and flickers randomly)


  • The garage light fixture and fan:


  • The garage door, wallpaper, dirt and paint stains included


  • The missing floor tile in the kitchen at my desk, luckily we found some extra so we can replace it soon


That being said, we love the house and can’t wait to work on these projects to fix the house up. It definitely needs some updating and a few minor fixes but we can’t wait to make it ours.

Just for fun, I’ll leave you with some of the photos from the real estate listing (not kidding, these are from the actual listing) that really show the house in its shining glory. Let’s just say they could’ve used a lesson in cleaning up and photography.

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  • Beatrice Barraco Forster

    Vicky, a lot of these bad things are cosmetic. A coat of new paint will freshen up the peachy paint you don`t like. Rome wasn`t built in a day. Take your time, it will be done and it will be just beautiful. Wish it was mine!!!.

    • Viktoria

      That’s the plan! We look forward to you seeing it

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