House Tour Photos

The long awaited photos are here! Woo hoo!

I’ll try to explain the floorpan as best I can, in the most logical order. Most of the photos are from our home inspection or from when we first moved in. Without further ado, step on in!

The front of the house has a small walkway/porch that leads up to the front door. There is also a side door (it’s a dutch door, actually) tucked away between the main house and garage.


Immediately when you walk in the door you’ll see the stairs, however, they’re not really in the way since the bottom of the staircase turns toward the right.


When you walk in there is small coat closet to the left of the stairs and a pair of french doors that lead into the living room, but more on that later.


Turning to the right from the front door you walk into the main entry area.


Walking in to the room further, with your back to the window above, you’d be facing the stairs. Next to the stairs is a small storage area as well as a built in bookshelf.

IMG_0894 IMG_0895

Turning slightly again so that the stairs are to your left hand side and the window referenced earlier to your right hand side, you’ll look straight into the kitchen. This is also one of the first views when you walk in the house and step into the entry way.


You may now be noticing the tin ceiling all throughout the kitchen and hallway. But wait, there’s more!


In the corner above you’ll see there’s a built in desk where I’m sitting as I write. To the left of that is an antique hutch, more on that later. Currently, the hutch has been moved out of the kitchen as its not built in. Not pictured are a broom closet that houses our furnace, a pantry, and a built in ironing board.

Turning again to the left slightly are a second set of french doors that lead into the living room. The living room will actually serve as a living room/dining room combination.


Walking through the living room to about where the table and chairs are above, you’ll turn left so you’re facing the front of the house. Here at the front end of the room is our fireplace. You’ll notice the french doors next to the fireplace. These are the ones next to the coat closet and are closest to the front door.


Now, we’ll walk to the fireplace and turn around to see the area we just came from. This means we’re facing the backyard with our backs to the fireplace. There is a large set of french doors that lead out to the backyard.


Okay, phew, we’ve made it full circle downstairs. One more area is the hallway next to the kitchen. Remember when we were facing the kitchen for the first time and kept turning left? Well, if we had turned right we’d be in the small hallway. It leads straight to the garage, with a bathroom to the left and the side door to outside (the dutch door) to the right. Sorry, no photos of that one.

Alright, shall we go upstairs?

Ok, good.

At the top of the stairs is a window flanked by two built in storage closets.



At the top of the stairs you can either turn right where there is a bathroom and bedroom, or turn left to the other 2 bedrooms. We chose the bedroom next to the bathroom as our bedroom. I wouldn’t really call it a master bedroom since its actually one of the smaller rooms and doesn’t have a walk in closet, but then again, none of the bedrooms have a walk in closet. We chose this room because it gets the best sunlight for the majority of the day.


While the bathroom isn’t attached to the bedroom, this room IS the closest to the bathroom. The bathroom is so small that I can’t even really take a photo of it.

So moving on to the other two bedrooms. One bedroom faces the back of the house, this will be our guest bedroom.


And the last bedroom, which faces the front of the house, is actually the largest of all three. This will be my office, closet, sewing room, craft room, and all around lady cave. The closet in this room houses all of my clothes (Ben has the closet in our bedroom) so it all works out. Check out the crazy wallpaper (everything in cream and green is wallpaper) and paneling going on in there! Can you spot the painted berry pink outlet?

IMG_0923 IMG_0924

A few last minute notes:

The backyard has a shed and tree house. Our laundry is in the garage, though separated from the rest of the garage.

Stay tuned for the next posts (with even more photos!):

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