What I Wore: On The Mountain Tops

You may have caught on Instagram (@thelittlebitsblog) that a few weeks ago I traveled to Austria. Although the weather ended up unseasonably warm while we were there that didn’t stop us from tracking down some snow. One of our last days there we made the trek (in a cable car) up the mountainside to see some snow and enjoy the views. I was of course thrilled to finally wear some of my winter gear. I’ve been slowly stocking up over the past few years and even though people think I’m crazy since we live in San Diego; I knew I would need it one day! My Sorel boots were the best decision ever. I can’t say enough good things about these shoes! Other than that I wore merino wool under layers from Icebreaker, my thickest Columbia coat, and a wool beanie. Wearing wool in cold climates makes such a difference to me.

More about the trip coming soon!

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What I Wore: Spring Wedding Style

Have you ever tried something on that looked impossibly horrible on the hanger but made you twirl in circles in the dressing room once you had it on? …No? Just me?

This dress looked so unassuming on the hanger that I almost didn’t try it. But it is freaking adorable on! It swishes and sashays with every step. It turned out to be the perfect dress for a spring wedding we attended this past weekend. The attached cape is perfect for covering bare shoulders and I can attest that the skirt flows beautifully on a super windy day. Now, if only my hair would do the same…

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Steph and Dave: Couples Photography


I’ve been on a family photography kick lately and wanted to venture out and do something different. So over Christmas I coerced friends Steph and Dave to let me take some couples/pseudo engagement photos of them. Luckily, they agreed. We met up on the beach just before sunset and caught the most amazing sunset I’ve seen in months! Sunsets in California this time of year can’t be missed. Allow me to introduce the lovebirds below. Enjoy!

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Wrapping up Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016-0143

Yes, I realize its late January already and Christmas has long gone. This year is probably the latest we’ve let Christmas go, usually by the first or second week of January we’ve wrapped things up. I managed to get sick about 2 weeks ago so while our initial plan was to take down Christmas the first week of January but it didn’t quite happen. I’m back to normal health now and just getting through our Christmas photos. Its been a season for the books!

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What I Wore: Marine Corps Birthday Ball

Wishing all the Marines in my life a Happy 241st Birthday!

We were so excited to attend our Birthday Ball last Friday with my parents and Ben’s parents there. It was truly a family affair. I had originally planned on wearing a vintage dress I begged and pleaded my husband to buy purchased this past summer but at the last minute decided I wanted to go a different route. Unfortunately, I was tight on budget and time and needed something that could be delivered quickly. Amazon.com to the rescue! I found this dress for $53 (now $48!) and we had free prime shipping. It fits like a dream! If you’re interested it also comes in gold, rose gold, black and red.

Marine Corps Birthday Ball - The Little Bits Blog

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Changing the Living Room Floor Plan (and updates!)

Remember back a while when I posted here about all the floor plans I was considering for the living room? We’ve decided on…… drumroll please…… NONE OF THEM. See, its true what they say. You never really know until you see it in person. On paper, sure the plans looked great, had flow, and created zones but it just wasn’t jiving in the actual room. It wasn’t until we spent a handful of weekends moving and shifting every piece of furniture to create the perfect layout. I’m including the final layout below because it just looks too awkward on paper! BUT, in real life, it works.


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Happy Halloween!

“In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines
Lived twelve little girls in two straight lines
In two straight lines they broke their bread
And brushed their teeth and went to bed.
They left the house at half past nine
In two straight lines in rain or shine-
The smallest one was Madeline.”

– Ludwig Bemelmans

Madeline Halloween Costume

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